top-notch launching girders for PSC (Pre-Stressed Concrete) girders across major rivers in India. Our commitment to precision engineering ensures the right fit and matching of components for these critical structures. With the ability to check fabrication correctness through trial assembly of major lengths, our launching girders are a perfect solution for various bridge construction projects.


Segmental Launching Girders

  • Our segmental launching girders are designed to incrementally push or pull PSC segments into position during bridge construction
  • These girders facilitate the controlled and safe assembly of precast segments, ensuring seamless construction


  • River CrossingsOur launching girders are specifically tailored for erecting PSC girders across major rivers, enabling efficient and safe crossings.
  • Long-Span BridgesFor projects requiring long spans, our segmental launching girders ensure precise and smooth segment alignment, supporting the construction of large bridges.
  • Highway OverpassesLaunching girders play a vital role in building highway overpasses, allowing systematic assembly and minimizing traffic disruption.
  • Railway ViaductsOur girders are indispensable for constructing railway viaducts, providing a controlled and reliable approach for installing PSC segments.


  • Precision EngineeringOur launching girders are engineered with utmost precision, ensuring seamless integration of PSC segments during assembly.
  • Trial Assemblyhe ability to perform trial assemblies with major lengths allows us to verify fabrication correctness, reducing on-site errors and saving valuable time.
  • Safety and EfficiencyOur launching girders prioritize safety during construction, offering controlled and reliable installation of PSC segments, leading to efficient project execution.
  • CustomizationWe adapt our launching girders to specific bridge configurations and project requirements, offering tailor-made solutions for each application.

In conclusion

Goodluck India's launching girders are synonymous with expertise, technology, and precision engineering. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and customization, our segmental launching girders provide a perfect fit for a variety of bridge construction projects, delivering seamless crossings and efficient transportation solutions across major rivers and challenging terrains in India.