Quality Assurance begins at the raw material stage itself. Material is inspected for chemical composition and tested for other parameters like mechanical properties, gauge variation etc. for total evaluation of raw material to ascertain its suitability for the intended end-use-applications. At the surface-pickling operations, the material is checked for surface finish before it is fed into the tube mills.

At the tube mills, each product for the customer is processed according to the norms sequenced by the process control engineers based on stringent international standards and monitored through uncompromising quality control tests at every stage.

The engineers are guided by the latest equipment at the R&D centre. Parent materials & soundness is checked by conducting various tests such as yield, tensile, drift expansion, flattening, bend, impact test, etc, that include Leco Carbon apparatus, scanning electron microscope, atomic absorption emission spectrophotometer, universal microscope and micro hardness tester. This facilitates all the required metallurgical tests on the materials.

Flattening Test-1

Hardness Testing Machine cc

Impact Testing cc

Profile Projector-2 c

Tensile Testing-2_cc

UTM Testing Machine-1 cc

Weld Flow Test-1 cc