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Goodluck India Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of various road safety products, has collaborated with a European Giant for manufacturing and marketing, various Performance Tested Road Safety Products for India and neighboring countries. This company has excellent manufacturing setups across globe with a dedicated team of professionals.

This European Company, researches, develop, design, manufacture, install and market equipment, product and engineering services for Road Safety. It also offers a wide and complete range of vehicle containment systems for the shoulders and medians, where safety, efficiency, quality and innovation play a very important role.

Partner Company’s advanced modelling system and procedures ensure precise results, with continuous involvement from the design department to upgrade systems as per vehicle design, keeping up with changing road conditions. The comprehensive research and development team uses feedback from users along with the in-house latest computerized simulation techniques and actual crash testing as a tool to propose and deliver modern safety barriers.

Road Safety Division of Goodluck India is providing meaningful and Performance/Crash-Tested/Conventional solutions for vehicles from passenger cars to heavy trucks.

All the products manufactured are under stringent quality policy of the Goodluck India Group for this, we procure only the highest grade of raw material, which emerges our production process stronger & enhances physical characteristics. We have MOU with various raw material manufacturers like TATA, JSW for Steel, HZL for Zinc, etc.

Performance tested Products manufactured are “CE Certified” and confirms the requirements of European Standard EN 1317 and/or American Standards NCHRP 350/MASH. They also confirm to the requirements of Indian Standards like Indian Road Congress / Guidelines/Standards & Specifications of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways / National Highway Authority of India and/or many more.


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