Forging Plant

With Total capacity of 42,000 Tons per annum, our facility is fully equipped to manufacture a complete range of Grades in Nickel Alloys, Stainless, Duplex, Carbon and Alloy Steel.

Our manufacturing facility boasts of state of the art equipment's with comprehensive & fully Integrated cutting facility, Forging Pneumatic machine & Press unit. This offers the flexibility in both, type & volume of production. The Pneumatic machine & Press units are regularly modernized to keep with the production needs & keeping the plant energy efficient. We boast of one of the complete in-house Forging capabilities covering both, Open and Close Die machines, where we can make a forgings ranging from 1 kg to 20,000 kgs. The equipment's facilities includes,

  • 3 Open Die Hydraulic Machine of 10 Tonne each.
  • 6 Tonne, 3 Tonne and 1.5 Tonne Close Die Pneumatic Machine.
  • 650 Tonne Close Die Forging Press for Customized Parts.
  • 3000 Ton Open Die Hydraulic Press integrated with 25Ton rail bound manipulator and 10T Tire bound charger
  • We have 15 running cranes